Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tuesday, 4th July: We have picked up the ice core.

We wake up in the same dense fog, but at 1200 the fog is lifting so at 1215 we depart with the Twin Otter towards Flade Isblink. Unfortunately, the fog still shrouds the center part of the ice cap, and it doesn’t look like we are going to make it to camp. However we get the most fantastic ride to camp: Capt. Jim Haffey finds a clear spot some 10 km from camp, and then we “surf” a few meters above the surface all the way to camp. Well done! We taxi to the spot where the ice crates are buried. We excavate the crates from the wet snow while it is raining and pull the completely soaked crates up. Luckily the ice in the crates is still “ice”, and we manage to load 18 crates into the Twin Otter that takes off towards Station Nord in the first attempt. One hour later the Twin Otter lands again, and we load the remaining 21 crates. At the third Twin Otter landing, the fog has closed in again and reduced visibility to 300m, so we decide to load priority cargo and ourselves.
We take out all Kansas equipment so that we may send it back to Kansas quickly. We are so happy that we now have still solid ice cores in our freezer being cooled down to -20 C.

In the evening we have a special 4th July meal: Hamburgers.
After supper we build a pallet for the Danish C-130 consisting of all the cargo we have retrieved from camp and personal gear left at Nord.

Tomorrow the Danish C-130 will arrive. In the original plan it was intended that everybody and all cargo, including the ice should go back on this plane. Since we still have 5 tons of cargo on the ice, we decide that Dorthe, Sverrir and Trevor remain at Station Nord and that only Lars, Peter and Nancy fly back tomorrow.

If weather permits, we will pick up the rest of the cargo at Flade Isblink, dry out the equipment and palletize it for later C-130 transport to Denmark.

Weather at Station Nord: Fog in the morning, lifting during the day, sunny in the evening. Temperatures: 0 deg. C


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