Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday, 2nd July: Arrival of the Twin Otter. First attempt failed.

Twin Otter sitting in weather not suited for flying.

The Twin Otter crew start to work at 1800 after crew rest and start to mount skis on the plane. At 2200 we fly towards Flade Isblink. Unfortunately the weather has become progressively worse during the day and we are not able to land at the camp site. During flight we saw the margin of the ice cap, and it is now heavily affected by melting, and we saw several melt water rivers between the ice cap and Station Nord. It is now impossible to drive to camp by snow mobile. We saw the cargo line in camp as we flew over and we observed that it rained on the windscreens of the Twin Otter. The climax of the day is a walk to the other end of the run way at Station Nord with Thomas and Lars from Station Nord and all their sled dogs (At Station Nord there are now three Lars’es: Little Lars (our 7 foot guy), Lars the cook and Lars).


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