Monday, June 12, 2006

Wednesday, 7. June. Reunion at Station Nord

Finally, the big exchange day arrived. Team 2 flew from Kangerlussuaq to Station Nord and team 1 went by skidoo from Flade Isblink to Station Nord. Team 1 reports that the 40 km long skidoo trip is rather bumpy! In particular the last 20 km across the ice cap are bad. There is a rather strong 'sastrugi' pattern on the surface that provides a good shaking of the kidneys. The trip offers an exceptional view of Isblink down to the sea. It took two return trips to move everybody from the camp down to Nord and everybody were nicely cleaned before the Twin Otteren arrived! Team 2 had a beautiful flight. First 5 hours from Kangerlussuaq to Konstable Pynt and then 5 hours up along the Greenland east coast under a clear blue sky. Team 2 came to Station Nord at 8 pm and for the first and only time all the field participants were together. It became a nice evening at the bar where many camp stories were told. Clearly team 2 will have something to live up to. A super dinner was provided from Station Nord. We would like to thank the crew at Station Nord for warmly welcoming the 15 of us.


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