Monday, June 26, 2006

Wednesday 21st/22nd June: The deepest ice core from small ice caps in Greenland.

We have sunshine with rather warm temperatures with a short period during night with
Ice fog. The day passes uneventfully with drilling and processing. We beat our own daily production record by drilling 33.87 m to a depth of 346.61 m. During the day we celebrate that we have passed the depths of Renland drilling at 324 m and Hans Tausen drilling at 344 m. Today we saw several layers with iclusions of 2 mm particles in the ice core. We don’t know whether the particles are volcanic ash, dust or biological material. This will be very interesting to find out when we get the ice home for analysis.

In camp we have an exiting film project going. We will have a premier show on Saturday of ”Life on the Blink”, and we hope to put the film on the web at a later stage. A still shot from the movie can be seen below.

For supper we had pork roast with pasta (chefs: Sigfus and Trevor)
Weather: sunny, winds up to 5 m/s from N, temperatures -5 to -1 C.


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