Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday, 6. June. Waiting for the take-over

There was no exchange of personnel after all today. The plane to St Nord was cancelled because the weather was marginal. The forecast for tomorrow looks good though.
The first team was ready to leave in the morning, but then the trip was cancelled. It has been somewhat windy and colder. This also meant that we could start drilling at 13.00. We continued till 22.30, and the processing continued till after midnight. We have reached 128m depth, and the ice contains much fewer melt layers indicating that we are in a cold period. It could be the so-called "Little Ice Age" between 1600 and 1870 AD.
We had warmed-up leftovers for lunch. Claude prepared late-night food: Chinese egg-soup, rice, fried prawns and vegetables with nuts. The dessert was ice with strawberries (life is hard in the field :-)).


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