Friday, June 30, 2006

Tuesday, 27th June: Camp is struck.

It is the grand day of packing! We weigh and move all boxes from the drill dome tent to our cargoline. Then we take down the drill tent.
There is also hectic packing activity in the kitchen tent. The great tangle of internet connections and lap-tops is reduced to one single line which is kept open until 2100 in the evening. Late in the afternoon we celebrate midsummer with a bonfire of the flooring plywood from the drill tent.
During the day we pack, weigh and document 70 boxes of cargo and it is a very tired group of people that goes to bed at 0200. At 0300 they all get up again!

Weather: Overcast, fog and frost, wind 3 m/s from S. Temperatures 0 to +3 C.


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