Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday, 13. June. Filling drill liquid in the hole

We woke up to an overcast. We have rime and it feels like being in the middle the cloud that sticks to Flade Isblink. We have no wind and good low temperatures. We undug all drill fluid and fuel drums from snow drift and we estimate that there is enough fuel left for the last weeks in camp.

We spent the day preparing the drill for drilling in liquid and set up facilities for collecting the liquid from the drill and clean the drill and the ice cores for drill liquid. The first 400 l of the new drill liquid were mixed and put into the bore hole. We now have to wait for the liquid to cool from the -5 deg at the surface to the -16 deg at 160 m depth in the bore hole. In front of the drill tent there is now located a centrifuge to be used for extracting drill liquid from collected ice chips in order to recycle the liquid.

In the morning we also labeled coulter beakers to sample three parallel profiles within a 3 m deep snow pit close to the bore hole. After lunch we dug out the pit and took the samples.

For lunch we had left over lasagne, for dinner we had a curry fish pot and blueberry cake with cognac cream (chef Dorthe) and after dinner we went to the movies to watch 'Ghostdog'.


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