Friday, June 02, 2006

Thursday, 1. June. Stumbling over snowdrifts.

This was the day with snow and wind from the opposite direction. There are snowdrifts on spots that we are not used to. We stumble over snow that is not laying where it usually does. Our nice toilet where the door is usually at the leeside all of the sudden had snow blowing in through the entrance. This had two consequences: 1) When we had to go we had to leave well in advance to dig out the door first and 2) We had to do our business very quickly in order to avoid getting too much snow in the face.

We could not do very much outdoor work today, but in fact that was not needed. The drilling of the ice core is performed in a tent, so we could easily go on with this. We have now reached the depth of 49 m and the core consists of more and more refrozen wet snow. Was it warmer here in the past? Right now we can only guess, until we get some analysis done, but we believe that the Flade Isblink core contains quite a few answers.

In the evening Sverrir and Lars came back from Station Nord. GPS is a fantastic instrument here in the middle of nowhere. The Kansas people were unable to do any work due to the bad weather.

We have been in touch with Copenhagen, VECO and Station Nord over the Iridium phone today.


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