Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday, 4. June. Summer is approaching

It' s getting warm here. The sun shines from a clear sky and it heats. The air is completely quiet and at noon the temperature hit 0C. It is much too warm for the drilling. We decided to spend the day relaxing and doing minor chores in camp. A tent has been moved, as the floor began to sink because of the warmth. We don't want to drill at day time when it is so warm, so we decided to drill at night instead. We will probably have to move our "days" for some time in order to drill when it is cold (it is light all night anyway). At midnight the temperature was -4.5C and going down. The Kansas people finished their measurements today. They even managed to do an ekstra 12km line across the ridge so we can see whether there is a large accumulation difference on the north and south side. They are very happy to be finished two days before leaving. We installed another cooler in the drill tent, and we are making a new loo for the next team.
Bruce cooked dinner: Chicken with pasta and tomato sauce. JP made a nigth meal: onion soup with Andreas' good bread.


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