Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday, 11. June. Logging the bore hole temperature

Despite of being Sunday, this is actually the Saturday dairy. We woke up to a windy and grey day. Weather was however good enough to allow for a trip down to Station Nord to give back the skidoo we had borrowed there. At Station Nord they were slightly surprised to see us arrive around midnight, but Lars and Sverrir were kindly offered a glass of wine in their own quarter. In camp the day was first spent logging the bore hole temperature. At 130 m depth the temperature is -16 degree C. Then the reaming of the hole started. The hole needs to be expanded by 3 mm in order to change from drilling in a dry hole to drilling in a liquid filled hole. The reamer (see pictures) cuts away from the side of the hole and Steff can remove 4 m at a time until the reception tank is full of ice chips. We reached a depth of 40 m before 4 am when our Saturday night could start.

Lars has birthday and we started at 4 with cake and champagne (that we got from Station Nord). We sang birthday song and Lars got presents: a small umbrella in case it will start raining on Isblink and a present from home with good CD's. We got marinated king prawns with avocado dip, fillet of beef with bacon, new potatoes and pepper sauce (chef Lars). We played Meyer and had a nice evening slightly marked by day and night being up side down.


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