Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday, 24th/25th June: Drilling is done!!!

This is our last day of drilling, and at 4 AM we pull the last ice core up. It is very beautiful, 1.40 m long and the final depth is 435.93 m. The core is logged and processed and packed to 435.70 m. The lowest 23 cm receive special treatment: It is carefully cleaned and used for ‘party ice’ in whiskies served. The final 3 crates of ice cores and samples are buried in our ‘cementery’, where we now have 39 crates buried under 1 m of snow to keep them from melting.

It is Saturday ‘night’ and we begin preparations with ‘snow showers’ and cooking. The day is warm and sunny with temperatures above freezing so the snow is wet and heavy. We enjoy an excellent meal with grilled salmon and gorgonzola, lamb roast with red wine sauce and vegetables and mashed potatoes (chefs: Steffen and Sverrir) Afterwards we move outside to enjoy the weather.

A surreal evening begins (probably best understood by people in camp): We had a shooting contest with a laundry machine filled with tomatoes as target. During the last days of drilling it was a fight to make the laundry machine spin our ice chips because the drill fluid caused the machine to slowly disintegrate. We wonder whether the producer of the laundry machine ever considered these two uses: Spinning ice chips and target practice? Later we got a telephone call telling us, that the Danish C130 flight to Station Nord was cancelled, but a substitute would be found. A short while later we were called again and told that the Twin Otter that was supposed to pick up the whole camp and fly us to Station Nord in three days was postponed. However, spirits in camp were high and we decided to go to the Moon. We walked into the ‘dark’ of the kitchen tent with blinds on the windows and enjoy the premiere of ‘Life on the Blink’. We laughed our way through three shows of the movie and continued the evening playing dice and talking. This Saturday night has to be really long because we want to switch back to a normal day and night rythm. Sunday is therefore cancelled, and people have to sleep through until Monday morning.

Weather: Sunshine, winds 1 m/s from NW, temperatures -1 to +2 C


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