Monday, June 12, 2006

Saturday, 10. June. Working at night

Now the diary skips half a day because we've started working at night. We have changed to New Zealand time or 12 hours delayed as compared to Greenland east coast time.

We wake up and have breakfast at 5 pm. We start drilling and processing at 6 pm. Lunch is at 10 pm, dinner at 6 am and work ends at 9 am, whereafter we all go to bed. We have split in 2 drill teams and 2 processing teams and we succeeded in logging, measuring and packing 60 bags (33m ice core) today.

Logging depth is now 164.34 m
packing depth includes bag 296

The core quality is varying with thick layers of waffly ice (see picture). We can see that the melt layers are fine whereas the normal ice with air bobbles is waffly because the pressure in the bobbles makes the ice brittle.

Generator 2 has been repaired using the spare parts that were brought up to camp and we run on generator 2 when the drilling goes on.

The catering has been excellent as usual with pasta and meat balls in tomato sauce for lunch (chef Trevor) and chicken with rice and vegetables for dinner (chef Peter).


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