Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday, 12. June. Reaming the bore hole

We had a most fantastic Sunday with sunshine, no wind, and -10 degrees C. We had a clear view in all directions and could see the mountains in the horizon. We spent the day cleaning up in camp and adjusting the weatherport to make it horizontal again. There had been so much melting below the weatherport that it had started to sink in the middle. We expanded the area in front of the drill tent and started to prepare for the use of drilling liquid.

We spent all day reaming the remaining part of the bore hole. It went fine even if Steff and Sigfus had to take care that the reamer would not get stuck because the motor got warm and had water on it. A couple of hours after dinner we finished the reaming down to 148 m depth. We had decided to leave the deepest 15 m with the original diameter so that the viscosity of the new drilling liquid can be tested at both diameters. We got late breakfast with eggs and bacon (chef Nancy) and lasagne with bread fait a la maison (chef Bo).


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