Monday, June 26, 2006

Friday, 23rd/24th June: 400 m passed and 400 m cake eaten.

We woke up to a day with 13 m/s winds and low clouds. It is now our second last drilling day, and we spend again the whole day drilling and processing. Today we passed 400 m depth and we celebrated this by eating a cake. We still drill in the new fluid, and we have enough of this for the rest of the drilling. The fluid column is about 10 m now, and drilling is a little more difficult at this depth. We have lost the inner core barrel several times, and it is difficult to get the reamer down to full depth. Theories are that either there are ice chips sticking to the hole wall or that we are now so deep that bore hole closure by ice flow becomes a problem.

For supper we got a fantastic pork roast with gravy and mashed potatoes and vegetables and for dessert a 400 m cake (chef: Bo).

Weather: Overcast, snow, winds 10-13 m/s from NW and temperatures -3 to -1 C.


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