Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friday 16th June.: Tangled cable..

To our great surprise we woke up to yet another sunny "day" with good cold temperatures. This was the day we would beat the record and drill and process even more than 30 m! It all went fine until after lunch when the cable on the winch became completely tangled up!
Our Hans Tausen drill setup is designed to carry 300-400 m cable, and the winch is not constructed for the 700 m cable we are carrying. The sides of the winch drum were being pushed apart and the cable began to tangle up on rewind. To fix it, we pulled the entire cable out on the surface with a snow mobile. Steff did a fantastic job fixing the drum, and the cable was rewound with a tension of 50-75 kg. And we had to make do with a daily production of only 21.3 m beautiful ice cores.

We had real tortillas with chilli beans for lunch (chef Trevor) and a pork roast with potatoes for supper with raspberry-paste for dessert (chef Bo).

Weather: Sun, no wind, -7 to -4 degrees C
We are now 209 m down into Flade Isblink.


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