Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday, 23. May. The sun is back :-)

Further pictures

During the day the weather improved:
13.00: -9.2C, 7 m/s from 360 true, 938.7 mb, surface contrast good, horizon fair, visibility 5 km, 5/8 high clouds.
22.30: -13.1C, 4 m/s from 355 true, 936.6 mb, surface good, horizon good, infinite visibility, a bit of ice fog.

The Honda generator is alive again, after spending the night in the kitchen. The speed regulator had been frozen, so now we're back to two generators! The dynamo for the other Hatz was taken apart, and we saw that a wire in the coil had loosened, probably because of ice. The wire had broken and damaged the outer part of the coil. We tried to repair it by gluing and soldering, but it didn't work, and we ordered a new one. The second Hatz engine works fine now after using a tip from the distributor in Aalborg. It was not a a matter of dirt in the fuel intake, but a loose magnet. Status: We have two working generators and a spare engine.
When the weather improved the activity level in camp exploded. We dug and dug, and the snow was beeing thrown around. Almost everything had disappeared. The cargo line was lifted 1-1.5m, and Sverrirs carpenter table was lifted by 1.65m. It was in the middle of a drift. The two snow covered skidoos and the Nansen sledges were excavated and a working again. Our loo was lifted 1m. We started to lift the third of the floor for the drill tent that we had put up one week earlier. There were no drifts at the drill site, the surface was in level with the rest of the ice cap which means that we received 65 cm of snow corresponding to 20 cm of ice over the last week ( which is the annual accumulation in Central Greenland)! If such a storm should hit every second week the ice cap would receive 16m of snow (5m ice) every year. We thus assume that the storm was exceptional. We continued to dig and put up the remaining floor and drill tent. We were finished by 22.30.
We have talked to VECO in Kangerlussuaq today.


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