Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday 16. May, building up camp

The first picture from camp, the Flade Isblink Field Party (5/16/06)
(From left to right)
Back row: Sverrir Hilmarsson (Iceland), Simon Sheldon (U. Copenhagen), Andreas Lemark (U. Copenhagen), Bruce Vaughn (U. Colorado), Lars Berg Larsen (U. Copenhagen), and Steffen Bo Hansen (U. Copenhagen)
Front row: Dennis Sundermeyer (U. Kansas), J.P. Steffensen (U. Copenhagen), Claude Laird (U. Kansas)

It's been windy and snowing all night and it continued during the day. In the morning we had 40cm drifting snow between the boxes. Around 15.00 the Twin Otter flew over the camp and we could talk to Jonas over the VHF radio. Jonas could talk to Nord and us, but unfortunately we can't talk directly to Nord on VHF. The snow stopped around noon, for the first time since we arrived. The weather at 15.00: -9.2C, 4 m/s from 295 true, visibility: infinite, overcast with high thin clouds.
The Kansas people have installed their internet café og Claude commented loudly when he downloaded his emails. You just can't get away from them :-)
Vi have finished arranging the cargo-line, with all our cargo line up, so we can find it in the snow. Sverrir and Steffen started on the floor for the drill tent. Meanwhile the Hatz generator no.1 stopped. Probably a problem with the fuel intake ... The problem was found and repaired. At the moment we use the Honda generator. Lunch was Currystew and champignon soup. Bruce brought a bear-alarm fence, and we put it up around the camp. The kitchen is getting organized and cosy. Tomorrow both generators will have a look-over in the kitchen tent.


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