Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thursday, 25. May. Fun in the snow

Last night we got about 4 cm of fresh snow which fell mainly as ice crystals from a clear sky. The phenomenon is called "diamond dust" and is very beautiful. The ice crystals are created in the air while you watch it and against the sun the air shines like fireworks. The fresh snow covered everything as a soft blanket and erased all sharp edges from last week's storm. The weather events from the weekend seem almost unreal now.

14.00: -8,2 C, 3 m/s from 300 true, 924,8 mb, surface contrast good, horizon good, visibility to horizon, clear sky. 17.00, 3 m/s from 120 true (an uncommon direction) but at around 20.00 the wind calmed. 22.00: -9.2 C, calm, 923.8 mb, surface contrast poor, no horizon, visibility 100 m, clear sky and fog.

A new day of activity. We made a line of national flags: Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, USA and Sweden (Andreas is Swedish). Steffen and Sverrir organized the drill tent and assembled the drill tower. J.P., Bruce and Andreas had fun digging a 15 m snow tunnel. You dig a deep trench and cover it with blocks of snow. Snow is a fantastic building material. The tunnel ends in the floor of the drill tent. When it gets warmer, a fan will suck cold air from the tunnel into the drill tent to cool it off. Simon added electrical installations to the drill tent and cooked dinner: Spaghetti and meat sauce. Andreas made lunch: Huge burgers with home baked buns. Lars processed GPS data and Claude and Dennis rode out with the Kansas radar and completed 5 partial profiles. The bottom under the drill site is very flat. The ice thickness is quite constant at 600 m. We also had time to fill out the last holes in the cargo line.

We have been in contact with Copenhagen and FIC in Søndrestrøm over the Iridium phone.


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