Friday, May 19, 2006

Thursday, 18. May, snow, snow, snow

It keeps snowing, and actually the weather forecast predicts continuing snowfall over the coming days. Here is the daily report from the ice:

It was quiet for 4 hours. At 22.00 Wednesday evening the snowstorm returned, and it continued all night and all day Thursday. A typical weather report Thursday: -7C, 15m/s wind from 320 true, no horizon, no contrast, visibility 50 m. Snow and strong drifting.

The camp has been waiting all day. People went out for 5-10 min and came back in. Otherwise everybody stayed in the kitchen tent, which is nice and warm, thanks to the diesel generator which worked fine. Luckily we managed to repair it yesterday. The cargoline has disappeared under the snow, but it is well-marked. The snow drifts reach chest height, and we can hardly walk in the snow. What do you do on a day like this? We watched movies afternoon and evening, some read, and others profited from the internet connection. Andreas prepaired lunch and Simon dinner. Vi have been in contact with VECO in Kangerlussuaq, St. Nord and Copenhagen through the Iridium phone. We can borrow two drums of gasoline from Nord, which we can pick up once the weather is better. In the evening Simon noted that the generator was completely icy, and covered in snow. If the air intake gets shut off the generator becomes too warm. We hopefully solved the problem. Tonight the wind has changed 35 degrees, and the pressure is going up, maybe conditions improve?

This report sounds a bit dramatic, but everybody is fine, we're just bored, waiting. After all we were supposed to drill. Our telex has been on all day, but we have good connections over the Iridium phone and internet. Our VHF is tuned to 8093 kHz, but unfortuntely VECO doesn't go through clearly and we can't hear Summit. When the storm is over we will tune the antenna to 4050 kHz so we can talk to Nord.


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