Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sunday 14. may, Flade Isblink!

The weather was OK and the put-in to Flade Isblink began at 11 am local time. All cargo was moved to the camp in 8 twin Otter missions. Lars and Sverrir drove the skidoos and sledges to the camp using the route north of St. Nord. This route goes over a wide snow covered area which will probably not persist through the June 7th missions, when the next team takes over on Flade Isblink. When we have time we will establish a route south of St. Nord. At 19.00 all flights were completed, and a few hours later ice fog rolled over the camp.
The temperature was -11C and there was some windso we hurried to put up the weatherports and tents. After a few hours the most important tents had been erected, and the generator and iridium phone had been installed. We could then call Copenhagen, where people had been eagerly waiting for news.


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