Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Starting up, 8.-10. May

Monday, May 8th

During the week the team has gathered in Kangerlussuaq and the team departed for Thule Air Base at 12:30 local. The US C130 was stuffed with scientific equipment and scientists and we would like to thank the mission commander Jim Grubb from US National Airport for outstanding support. The team was greeted by the DLO (Danish Liason Officer), Tommy Toft in Thule. The air guard and Lars immediately started regrouping the pallets. A pleasant evening was spend in the Club and many old histories where told.

The team: Dennis, Claude, Bruce, Jørgen Peder (JP), Lars, Sverrir, Steff, Simon, Andreas

Tuesday, May 9th

Early morning the team started rebuilding pallets. The cargo staged in Thule in March was found behind a door that could not open. This was fixed during the day. Visits at the police for weapon permissions and at the DLO about the summer plans were successful. US C130 used the day for a mission to Alert while our team prepared the pallet for Station Nord.

Wednesday, May 10th

The cargo was ready Tuesday afternoon. We would like to thank the Thule Air Base personal for fantastic support. The 109th came back from Alert Tuesday at 16.00 local time and Jim Grubb could inform that a radar on the C130 had mechanical problems so there would be no mission today, Wednesday. While the 109th returned to Kangerlussuaq for exchange of C130, we used Wednesday sigh seeing. We were so fortunate that we could use a car and had a good day with good weather. In the afternoon the Thule Air Base personal loaded the Flade Isblink cargo in the exchanged C130 with a K60 loader.


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