Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saturday, 27. May. The first core

More pictures

1300: -5,5 C, 3-4 m/s from 265 true, surface contrast fair, horizon fair, visibility to horizon, overcast, snow.

1900: -5.1 C, 3 m/s from 275 true, 929,2 mb, surface contrast good, horizon good, visibility to horizon, 6/8 high clouds, snow.

After careful fine tuning of the position of the drill tower, we assmbled the drill and prepared for the first drilling. It is important to get started properly. The drill must start as vertically as possible thereby optimizing the hole and the core. At the same time, we prepared the ECM equipment and the measurement drill. We managed to drill one core late Saturday afternoon. With this feeling of having gotten off to a good start we celebrated Saturday evening with a "neck-tie dinner" of fried prawns, tenderloin beef and pudding with fruit.

The Kansas team did not make it out today since the starter on the skidoo was broken. It is being fixed. Lars and Andreas rode 6 km north from camp and dug a 4.5 m deep hole in the snow. They took samples of the wall in the hole. Unlike in camp where we have ice from 2.4 m and down, Lars and Andreas found no significant melt layer even at a depth of 4.5 m. We will need to think this over.

The melt layer that started at 2.4 m under the floor of the drill
tent continues in the core drilled. The core is 95 % refrozen wet snow. Thin
white firn layers are seen in the core. Although the ice looks like one large melt feature, the ice contains many large bubbles of gas. In the pit, 6 km to the north, no melt layers were encountered down to 4.5 m depth.

We have been in contact with Copenhagen and VECO in Søndre Strømfjord over the Iridium phone.


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