Monday, May 22, 2006

Saturday, 20. May, chaotic Saturday

Saturday evening in the field is usually an "evening out" wearing nice clothes, eating good food and relaxing, but this day was completely different:
The snowstorm continues and it's Saturday. Then at 16.00 what we all feared happened, our diesel generator suddenly stopped to produce electricity. The dynamo gave up because it was full of ice. We had to start our faithful Honda petrol generator, and the kitchen was once again transferred into a generator workshop. It was simply impossible to work outside. Now we were in the odd situation to have two generators, one where the engine worked and one where the dynamo worked. We tried to attach a long ventilator tube to the dynamo to avoid icing, but we couldn't decouple engines and generators! Saturday evening passed with repairs and JP served spaghetti Carbonara at 23.00 in the middle of chaos. What a Saturday! During dinner we talked about our situation. The camp was running on the petrol generator which is not good since we didn't bring too much petrol (mostly diesel) and the Kansas people have to drive skidoos for their measurements.
Weather:-13 C, 12-16 m/s winds from 340 true, 936.1 mb, horizon: nil, Surface contrast: nil, visibility 50 m. Overcast, blowing snow.


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