Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Monday, 22. May. Better, but still waiting

Sunday evening the wind came down and the blizzard was only "normal". Everybody in camp was relieved and a bit ecstatic. We sorted a bottle of whisky, turned on the music, talked, and all in all had a postponed Saturday evening.
The wind returned shortly during night, but no harm was done. Many slept till after noon. Today the wind has been decreasing all day, maybe we can work outside tomorrow ... By midnight Monday/Tuesday the sun and the whole camp was actually visible and the wind below 8 m/s. At 21.30 Sverrir and Steffen checked the working generator, it seems like our modifications are OK, and there is no further icing.
Weather during the evening: -12C, 8m/s from 335 true, 937 mb, no horizon, no contrast, visibility 100m, overcast, snow and drift.
Our world has become somewhat enlargened, but outdoor work is still impossible for more than 15min at a time. Dennis prepared pancakes for brunch, and Lars made a great lamb-curry-stew for dinner.
The strong wind saturday/sunday costed us a dome tent and a camp bed. When evacuating the tent the wind got hold of the bed and blew it away before Andreas could grab it. Other tents have broken some rods, but we have spares, and will exchange them as soon as weather permits. The tents have been secured with wires. From Copenhagen we received a weatherchart promising better weather for the coming days. We hope so!
We are quite sure that we can hardly recognize camp once it becomes visible again. The snow drifts are enorm both in height and width.
This evening Andreas slid into the depression with our loo and squashed the tent, but he and Sverrir removed the snow, and the tent recovered. Impressive for a cheap camping tent! We will probably have to move the tent to the new surface tomorrow, by now it's inside a whole after all the blowing snow. If we hare had done like we did for the Hans Tausen project, where the drill tent was erected in 1994 for the drilling in 1995 we could probably hardly find the camp anymore. Even Sverrir is impressed by the weather! We are quite sure the polar bears don't come here, they're too smart. We talked to VECO in Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen on the phone. Apart from that we waited.


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