Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday, 26. May. A massive melt layer...

9.00: -10,8 C, 5-6 m/s from 330 true, 924,9 mb, surface contrast good, horizon good, visibility to horizon, clear sky. 21.00: -12,6 C, 3-4 m/s from 295 true, 925,4 mb, surface contrast good, horizon good, visibility to horizon, clear sky.

Today the drill trench was dug out. The trench is directly in front of the drill tower. When the drill is flipped from horizontal to vertical, the lower part flips into the trench. The digging turned out to be harder than expected. The trench was to be 2.8 m deep, but at 2.4 m we hit a massive layer of refrozen meltwater. The layer is at least 60 cm thick. Is the rest of the ice cap like this or is it just a very thick layer? We will see when the drilling starts. This seems to be last summer's layer. In that case, the annual precipitation is enormous. The skate section and the motor were mounted on the drill. We made a dinner table for the kitchen instead of the plywood sheet on cardboard boxes. The Kansas team completed 5 profiles today. During the last trip Dennis fell off his seat on the Nansen sled and since he is sitting behind the tall radar box, Claude did not notice he was missing. Claude continued to the end of the profile and when he turned around, he realized that Dennis was missing. Dennis was just a tiny dot 5 km away. Sverrir has advised Dennis to use a safety belt from now on!! Lars has set up the inner 1 km strain net and measured positions with GPS. Andreas made lunch with home baked bread and J.P. cooked breaded cutlets with boiled vegetables in white sauce for dinner.

We have been in contact with Copenhagen and VECO in Søndrestrøm over the Iridiumm phone.


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