Sunday, May 21, 2006

Friday, 19. May, The snow only gets worse

Again it's been storming all night and the whole Friday. Visobility dminished further. A typical weather report for Friday:
Temperature -13C, 15 m/s, wind from 345 true, no horizon, np contrast, visibility down to 20 m. Snow and strong drift. In the afternoon visibility became so bad that people were advised only to go to the tents two at a time. In the evening visibility improved, and we could see the closest tents, Steffens definition of visibility:" It's unchanged as far as I can see!"
The camp has been quiet all day. People only leave the nice and warm kitchen tent for 5-10 min at a time. The drifts some time go up to our necks - and we almost have to swim through. We had to give up the first loo, it was to difficult to reach. We watched movie in the afternoon and evening again, Sverrir cooked lunch, and Claude american steaks for dinner. We have talked to VECO in Kangerlussuaq on the Iridium phone. In the afternoon we inspected the generator and picked up two diesel drums from the drifts. We know the sun shines somewhere above, but we would really like to see it now. When we came to Nord last Thursday the sun was shinning over Flade Isblink all day, so we know it's possible. We are all well, but bored. We have had the STD-C telex on all day, it's connected to the Atlantic Ocean East satelite. We have sendt telex to the internet today, although sofar it's cheaper to use the Kansas internet.

A picture of Simon on his way back from the generators. They are behind the shields to the left. To the right is the loo. The distance is about 15 m.

A picture of the kitchen, our cosy spot at the moment.


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